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Some Background

Hairolds Barbering was established on April 1, foolin'.

My name is Nancy. I've had the desire and skills to cut hair from my youth. Since the late 1980's, I've been 'hobby' barbering for family and friends. I was thrilled when the opportunity to become a professional barber presented itself until the fall of 2016. While living in Edmonton, Alberta I attended a men's barbering school. Shortly afterwards, I moved to Red Deer and started 'Hairolds' Barbering.

Why the name 'Hairolds'?

While volunteering at a seniors' residence, I met Harold. He was an elderly gentleman I visited on a weekly basis over a 7-year period. I watched my senior friend experience many challenging times in life, and I often wished I could do more to encourage him and give him comfort.


I believe rhe men's barber shop can be a 'safe place' for our men to have conversation, to relax, to physically rest, and feel cared for. Hairolds Barbering was born out of a desire to serve our gentlemen, even in just in a small way. I named 'Hairolds' after my friend and altered the spelling to represent the service provided.

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